Dyslexia Specialist + Designer/Coder

The sun never sets on our team.

Victoria Leslie, dyslexia specialist and creator of the TAP phonics books for teens and adults

Dyslexia Specialist: Victoria Leslie


Dyslexia specialist and experienced literacy educator Victoria Leslie has the vision in this team. She’s responsible for the overall philosophy and structure of the TAP series. Victoria also writes the manuscript of each and every one of the TAP eBooks.  The FocusOnTAP blog articles with useful information about literacy, phonics, helping teens with dyslexia and more? That’s her too! On top of all that, she is a highly qualified  and experienced teacher of students diagnosed with learning difficulties such as dyslexia and high-functioning ASD. Her research addresses issues in Psychology and Education, reading and reading comprehension development.

MPhil (Cambridge) BA (Hons) QTS Cert SpLD

Greg McDonald, the designer and programmer

Designer/Coder: Greg McDonald


Greg is responsible for our app design and programming. He’s a trained educator (ESL) with experience teaching a range of subjects in English-immersion settings. He’s also a trained physicist. He combines his passion for education and design and his coding skills to make educational apps as an independent developer. He also goes by the name Studio Goojaji.

B.Ed (TESL), M.Sc. (Laval)