Teaching Teenagers to Read Now Easier With these New Engaging Stories

Teaching teenagers to read, as we’ve discussed in earlier posts about phonics for teens, comes with a unique set of challenges.  The TAP collection of decodable texts aims to help educators and learners overcome of those challenges with interesting, age-appropriate stories available in an app.  And today we are happy to announce two new level 1 additions to the collection: “Mad As Hell” and “The Cat”.

“Mad As Hell” tells the story of Ed, a young man who has long been bullied by Dan.  Dan grew up in an abusive environment and struggled in school. Although Ed knows this and understands that the bullying may be explained by Dan’s history, it does not make the bullying easier to take.  However, Ed has an idea of how-with the help of his friends Sal and Liz-to help Dan get a second chance.

“The Cat”, like “Rex” released earlier this year, is light-hearted story of Tibb the cat and his night-time adventures on the town.  Both “The Cat” and “Rex” are fun texts with a lighter theme that still appears to older learners.

Both of these stories fit in to our first phonics level. At level 1, the word selection is limited to CVC and CCVC words. You can read more about closed syllables and CVC words in our posts about essentials of teaching reading to an emergent reader.

You can see samples of these two new texts and all the other stories in the collection in our sampler app for iOS available on the App Store. The School Edition for iOS and the School Edition for Android and Chromebook also received updates that added these stories.  Every story in the collection is fully accessible in the school edition and cost 25% less than buying the texts individually through the sampler.

If you are working with adult beginner readers or teaching teenagers to read, we would love to hear from you.  Please get in touch using our contact form.